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Pom & avocado cucumber mint salad

February 15th, 2010

Perfect to crunch through in this hot weather. There is such a short window in summer of enjoying this spectacular fruit (pomegranate), and I’ve discovered that if I buy a whole lot at once (like 10) and have an hour or so extracting the seeds, that I can enjoy little frozen jewels for weeks. I freeze about 1/4 cup per little freezer bag for sprinkling over salads and desserts whenever I have fancy a pom!!

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Mango mint madness for a moist summers day

February 15th, 2010

It is HOT… not only is it hot it is humid too…. since when is Sydney at 90-96% humidity for days on end? Thank goodness for the rains to break the cycle over the weekend.. and yet, suddenly I feel as if our whole city has up and migrated to the tropics.

Eating food seems such a chore in this weather, and I find myself craving liquids – and sweet ones at that. Enter the smoothie….

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Diet versus exercise versus blogging – meet our solution!!

February 14th, 2010

With all the Low GI cooking in our life, Dan and I were getting to the point of becoming internet couch potatoes – cooking, eating, and then sitting on the couch writing about it!! Our weight loss had stabilised, (we lost some weight in the first few months with the diet change, then it slowed down and we’ve been at a steady weight since – but have not met our weight loss goals)

So – diet or exercise? or blogging in our case!!?

It is simple – we need both – and because we are big time geeks, in our family, we need all three – (diet, exercise and blogging)!!. The Heart Foundation advises that as little as 30 minutes of walking at a pace that brings you to a light puff (NOTE – not a drenching sweat… just a gentle puff!) is enough to help your heart health. Not only that – we all know that exercise helps with weight loss.

Our solution…two chocolate brown labrador puppies! Meet Wags & George…

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