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Pom & avocado cucumber mint salad

February 15th, 2010

Perfect to crunch through in this hot weather. There is such a short window in summer of enjoying this spectacular fruit (pomegranate), and I’ve discovered that if I buy a whole lot at once (like 10) and have an hour or so extracting the seeds, that I can enjoy little frozen jewels for weeks. I […]

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Healthy chicken and red bean quesadillas

November 11th, 2009

A very cost effective old favourite from University days, my housemates used to make this for me, and I loved it! Of course, back then we used to pile on the cheese, and I reckon we might have even added a slice of butter for good measure — it surprise me though, to find that […]

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Tuna, pecan, tomato & avocado wrap

October 21st, 2009

A simple, quick and tasty lunch – save your lunch money for something more interesting, and bring your own from home! I was buying something like this from the cafe every day and I thought to myself… hang on…if I bought myself some wraps…. This takes about five minutes to prepare, is healthy, low in […]

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